The Secret Super Rich Guys Use to

Naturally Attract the

Hottest Women

(...and It Has NOTHING to Do with Money, Wealth, Status or Looks)

Having this one unfair advantage can separate you from every other guy out there - whether you’re a millionaire or not

- Brent Smith

Let me ask you a question...

Would you pay $25 thousand dollars to figure out how to attract beautiful, hot... and I mean smoking hot women?

What about $150,000?

Ok, how about $1 million for a year’s training???

Sounds crazy, right? Well...

Believe it or not, ultra-rich guys will do just that.

Paying me outrageous sums of money to learn how to navigate high society.

Along the way, magnetizing the most beautiful women in the world around them.

Hi, my name is Brent Smith,

Founder of the boutique lifestyle curation firm, Brent Smith Lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve heard of me. But you probably haven’t.

My real “job” if you want to call it that, is what I call “lifestyle curation services” for the ultra- affluent man.

In other words,

the rich.

Those are the kind of social circles I run in...

No, not the kind of rich that have a million dollars or two million or even a five million dollar net worth.

(That’s good and I’m sure they’re very successful men in their own right.)

But they really don’t need MY services, let alone can afford them. The market for my services are men who have on average about 30 times that. There are about 30,000 of them in the US.

Now, if you don’t have those mammoth-sized bank accounts, you may say...

“Well, what am I reading this for, Brent?”

I’ll tell you why.

And the answer is going to SHOCK YOU.

The same problem these ultra-rich guys have?
It’s THE SAME problem you have...

Attracting Hotter Women

Yeah, as amazing as it may seem, even rich guys have just as much trouble attracting hot women as regular guys.


In the worst cases, it can seriously affect their ego and psychology. They get really weird, trying to overcompensate in all other areas of their life. Trying to block out the rejection, shame and embarrassment in their minds.

Or it depresses them tremendously and they become reclusive in their mansions.

Or they become all creepy.

When you see celebrities get all weird on TMZ? It’s usually because they’re lacking some sort of female companionship.

Now, you may think:

“Oh Brent, what are you talking about? With that kind of money, they can rent a prostitute or an escort.”

And you would be right. And no doubt, some do. But those aren’t my market. Those aren’t the guys I help every single day.

The guys I help may be bulls in the boardroom, full of swagger and ambition, but when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex?

They struggle.




Think about it...

Attracting hot girls is just as much a problem for guys who have too much money as it is for guys who don't have enough money.

Imagine in your social circle, if every guy in the room made just as much money as you. Money would cease to be a criteria for attraction because everybody has it, wouldn’t it?

In high society, surprisingly after a certain point, money doesn’t matter. It ceases to be an advantage.

It’s the ultimate equalizer. The ultimate handicap.

So what would be the new attraction criteria used by the hottest women?

What would be better? Well fortunately, because I socialize in these circles, I have an answer.

And in the next few minutes, I want to share it with you.

It’ll open your eyes. It’ll change your life.

It’s one of the big reasons I made this instructional page. Surprisingly, a couple elite clients of mine encouraged it.

So, it’ll pay to read it all. Word for word. Pay close attention. Even take notes.

There’s great information throughout. Especially at the end, during the Q&A. Some guys asked really insightful questions.

Because if the rich guys struggle, with all the money and wealth and power they have, what chances do guys of more modest means have?

Especially when it comes to landing hotter women.

You’re about to find out.

And it’s going to blow you away

You see, what you’ve been told about attracting the hottest of women has pretty much been a lie.

Total BS.

THE BIGGEST THING I know for certain is you don’t need money to meet them. All that stuff you hear about projecting status?

Girls could care less.

So my first big piece of advice is quit trying to impress them like all these pickup artists tell you to do.

You see, the 99% are programmed to believe status and money makes all the difference. Because THAT’S EXACTLY what the wealthy 1% wants you to believe. It’s true.

You've got celebrities and famous people who have all these incredibly gorgeous women around them.

But the dirty little secret is this...

All that arm candy? Is paid for...

Yeah. They’re escorts. They’re prostitutes. They’re strippers.

Remember Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madame? She could tell you some stories.

Or you know what happens? They beg their agents and managers to hook them up.

Trust me, these guys have all the same female problems and challenges as you.

At some point, these guys get fed up
and want something else.

A meaningful relationship

with someone special

someone HOT

And that’s where I come in.

I’m considered one of the elite private coaches to men of wealth and means in the world.

When I get called in, I’m very discreet.

Not like you see on those millionaire matchmaker shows on TV. That’s comedy.

Listen, if you’re making that kinda money, the last thing you want is to have your social issues on public display for all to laugh at, agreed?

And I’m much more into teaching THE SKILLS to guys rather than just setting them up with a pretty escort for the weekend.

And the skills I teach, TRUST ME...

ZERO MONEY is required to attract hot women.

Even though these guys are loaded.

For instance, what I’ll do with guys is get them out of their element.

We’ll charter a private jet to London or Paris or Monaco and we’ll spend a 3-day weekend learning and applying the skills - not the way pick-up artists do it...

The way I do it.

Last time I did this we attended a high society charity ball in Monaco. Yeah, Monaco.

Trust me, the pickup artists you see on the internet with their out-sized personalities? See if THEY can get into an event like that.

An event like that attracts world renowned celebrities, politicians, actors and debutantes from around the globe.

You see, these extremely affluent guys pay me upwards of $25K, not including expenses for that 3-day immersion.

Just to learn how to socially interact at that level.

It’s a three-day weekend.

And they learn my way of attracting hotter women.

They learn the skills.

They see me in action…

I coach them through the evening… I make various social introductions… and I generally curate their entire experience from top to bottom, beginning to end.

On Friday, we’ll do some training and get to know each other... Friday night we’ll hit the various local venues for some action... Then Saturday, we’ll do some shopping...Saturday night is the big charity ball… And then Sunday we spend the day on a private yacht or something with the ladies we all just met.

The entire experience? $25K per guy plus expenses.

And these guys not only pay it,



The experience
of their life.

It’s a true breakthrough for them...

And in just a moment,

I’m going to lay the foundation.

And when I do, you’ll actually be far better off than the rich guy because you’re attracting, you’re bedding, the same level of hot girls he’s going after.

I’m talking the 9's and 10's. Nothing less.

These are girls who crave a man with certain personal qualities.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

I’m going to show you how you can attract 10's all day long.
No matter whether you’re in a club or a coffee shop.
It makes no difference.

You’re going to be able to attract hotter women.

I want you to imagine the perfect 10.

Imagine her...Right now! What does she look like? What is she wearing? How is she looking at you?

She is exactly the woman you’re going to attract if you just follow my basic directions on this page.

You see, one of the things that I have working for me, is something most pickup artists don’t.

And frankly they struggle with it. I know because I coach these pick up artists privately. Guys who are supposedly the best in the biz.

Yeah, you see most of the guys can get a girl. But they can’t get the attention of the hottest girls. The 9's and 10's. And it bugs the heck out of them. I KNOW WHY...

It’s because they resort to parlor tricks.

  •     Cold reading.
  •     Body language.
  •     NLP.
  •     Cocky humor.
  •     Clownish behavior.

You know, the stuff that’s littered all over the Internet as supposedly ways to pick up a girl. They don’t get it!

Do you really think girls are that dumb?

They have access to the same sites as you



is up.

Anyway, the truth is, THAT’S NOT going to get you a meaningful relationship with a quality 9 or a 10.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

Now, it may get you a one night stand with a drunk 9 or 10, one who’s embarrassed the next morning that you’re in her bed.

Trust me, THAT’S not what you want.

What I have and what I’m about to share gets me into parties in the Hamptons and Beverly Hills.

What I have, gets me past the velvet rope in all sorts of clubs around the world.

What I have consistently snags me 9s and 10s I meet in those venues all night long.

And trust me, it’s not my looks...

No, there’s something else which opens doors and hearts of hot women everywhere. You see,

it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich, poor, fat, ugly.
Drive a nice car or not...

It just doesn’t matter. I’ve proven that beyond question. Beyond a doubt.

And I’ve not just proven it, thousands of other guys have as well. For instance...

Brent, I would have never have believed it. Remember Melanie, that stewardess on the private jet we took back from London? I shagged her and we’re seeing each other now. Your insights are amazing. Thanks for a great weekend. PS: I’m including a small token of my appreciation.

- Dave, Millionaire Apple Software Engineer

Money is not as important as what I have to tell you.

Looks are not as important as what I have to tell you...

I know that may shock you. IT SHOCKED ME when I first discovered it over 15 years ago.

If I can be so candid with you, the whole money-status-looks thing is overrated. It’s become a gimmick today. Girls know it and now you know it.

Basically it’s become an excuse guys have for not getting laid. They don’t think they have those things.

Well, the good news is you don’t need them.

Once you realize this, once you break the trance you’ve been living in, striving for things that just don’t matter when it comes to attraction, then you can focus on what REALLY matters...

And what really matters when it comes to attracting hotter women, you ask?

The short answer is…

Now before you start imagining what I’m talking about, inserting all sorts of projections about
what vibe is...

The result of a great vibe is the INTENSE SEXUAL FEELINGS you want a girl to experience - when she’s around you.

This experience is YOU, and you OWN IT.

And no one can take it from you.

The fact is when we’re out and about in life, we are always vibing more or less, good or bad, whether we want to or not...

Here, let me give you some examples:

First, here’s “not so good” vibe.

Have you ever been around someone who makes you want to leave the room? Or have you have been with a girl and all of a sudden, for no specific reason you can think of, it’s like her personality changes?

They may not have done anything wrong, may not have said a word, but you get the feeling all is not right in their world. Enough so that you’re looking for a window escape.

For instance, when it comes to attracting hot women, has any woman ever…

Called you a player?
Gotten buyer’s remorse after you kissed her?
Flirted with you and then avoid you like the plague?

Now, I’m not saying you do any of this. These are just obvious examples.

I’m just trying to show you that someone’s vibe is a very real thing and it can have a dramatic
effect on all types of relationships.

Once you know how, sizing up women and having the right vibe that matches perfectly
with them is so easy.

It’s not like you’re putting on airs or trying to be something you’re not.

It’s actually quite the opposite.




Your totally natural vibe can affect a woman so strongly they find themselves pulling you by the hand as you both sneak into the club’s bathroom for a quick “makeout session” just minutes after meeting her.

I’ve seen it happen.

Especially with the guys I coach. Because it’s my job to make sure they achieve the outcomes they’re looking for.

You gotta understand, when someone wires over $25K for an immersion weekend, or $150K for coaching or one million... yes, one million dollars a year for custom-tailored lifestyle curation services…as you can expect, expectations are high.

These guys I’m working with may not have their social lives put together yet, but they are ultrasuccessful entrepreneurs and business people.

I *have* to deliver.

My point is this: Taking control of the vibe you’re projecting is probably one of the most important
(and easiest) things
you can do to land that hot
Norwegian blonde
that’s walking the fashion
of New York, Paris and Milan.

Once you know how...

Just ask one of my Clients, Michael.

Michael made his fortune when he sold his production company to one of the top 3 Hollywood studios. Probably worth $100 million, not counting everything else he was involved in

Still with all his power, money and influence, his attraction skills were mediocre at best.

In fact, he told me his story once about how he was afraid to even approach women anymore because he just couldn’t bear the rejection. This lead to him becoming a virtual recluse because he couldn’t compete with other guys socially when it came to women.

“I suck with women” were his words.

It gets worse.

One time, he hired an high class escort for a little confidence building. After the premiere they attended, she told him he was hopeless.

Can you imagine?

Imagine paying a woman thousands and she basically says he sucks at being a man.

That’s when he decided to engage my services. He was part of a $25K program, a program
I call “Immersion.”

We jetted off to Monaco for a weekend, a group of ultrasuccessful guys. On our social to-do list was to attend a high society charity event.

Now I want to be clear.

I’m not sharing their net worth to impress you. I’m sharing because as you can plainly see, money is not the issue when attracting women.

These guys had more money than they could spend. It didn’t matter.

So my Immersion program, it was the perfect test for the “vibe” training I was giving these guys.

Saturday night, with his newfound vibe
clearly on display, Michael subtly attracted
a super hot Norwegian model to his table.

But here’s the thing: I saw three OTHER
hot women, what I call “hovering.”


Because his vibe was so darn attractive,
he was practically impossible to turn
away from

He was like a dark star, sucking in everything sexual and beautiful all around him.

All this action from someone who was a self-proclaimed introvert. A social reject.

And trust me, it wasn’t the liquor. Because Michael doesn’t drink. Doesn’t do drugs.

Now, I want to be clear about something.

You may have what I call

“the gift of gab”

Trust me, it’s a true gift.

Or you may be entertaining. Entertaining is good.

But you still may not be generating the attraction you need to close the deal and get her naked in your bedroom.

Vibe, especially that SEXUAL VIBE,
is the missing piece of the puzzle...

That piece is the sexual spark that lights
the fire of sexual passion in her without her even realizing
what’s happening in the moment.


It’s so darn
to be around


She feels safe, yet you feel a little dangerous.

That’s what a strong sexual vibe will do for you.

Once Michael learned how, he did it at the charity event. And he made it look almost effortless.

You can, too.

No matter who you are or what you do for a living, no matter how much you make, creating the right sexual vibe is ESSENTIAL for attracting hotter women.

They eat it up.

They’re mesmerized.

They know it can’t be faked

If you don’t have a sexual vibe, or don’t know how to create one, chances are you’ll have to settle for
sloppy seconds. The 5's, 6's, 7's and 8's.

That’s why I took everything I’ve learned about attracting hotter women and created the ultimate field guide…

"Attract Hotter Women"

Attract Hotter Women is not at all like the endless PUA drivel you see flooding the Internet.

I hope I’ve made that clear.

Let me put it to you this way:

If I can command $25K for a three-day excursion
or $150K a year for private coaching from guys
who are extremely sensitive to what things cost,
what do you think is inside this program?

Let’s just say I have the goods and in Attract Hotter Women I share them with you - no holds barred.

That’s right - some of the most powerful attraction strategies and techniques ever committed
to paper.

Listen, and you already know this, the stuff you see pickup artists spout doesn’t work. It’s a scam. They’re gaming you. They’re trying to apply the same BS they tell girls to you.

You see it EVERYWHERE, don’t you?

Sure, they give you the impression they’re successful, sure they’ll say “oh, I laid 300 women last year.”

But you know in your gut, that’s just BS. Right?

Or you know what they do?

They rehash stuff like negging or NLP or body language.

But here’s the reality:

Girls are on to that stuff. And you know it. And multiply that the prettier the girls are.

Why? Because they get hit on all the time. The supposedly covert tricks are as obvious as a full moon
on a dark night.

Believe me when I say Attract Hotter Women is

TOTALLY and completely different.

If I had to put a tagline on it, I’d say it’s the easiest, surest way to becoming the natural guy women
love to be around.

Yet, it’s actually much more than that...

Imagine women magnetically drawn to you. Wherever you go. Whatever you do...

It doesn’t matter what you say in the moment. There’s nothing to memorize. There are no patterns. No embedded commands to recite.

Just raw, sexual, masculine power emanating from you like heat from a warm fire.





Attract Hotter Women is the kind of information that could change your world - IF you allow it.

Look at this this way...

When you see Brad Pitt, or Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, or George Clooney, what is
that magnetism?

I have it and I can show you how to have it, too.

It’s not hard. You can start applying the principles as soon as tonight.

So what are the principles? Well, let me give you a quick preview...

Have you ever seen a man and a woman, strangers to each other, have an amazing conversation?

The man has the woman all smiling. Talking. Emotionally vested in the conversation. She’s all animated?

How the heck does he do that? How is he able to attract that kind of attention?

Well pickup artists will say he has the right “banter”.


He may be bantering back and forth with the woman, and bantering’s good, but that’s not what makes the conversation click.

Actually, the reality is the man could be saying anything or even nothing and the woman would
respond affirmatively.

Have you ever seen that happen? A hot, sexy woman’s all animated and the guy is silent, just nodding his head?

THAT’S what you’ll discover inside Attract Hotter Women

I’ll also show you how to effortlessly get a woman’s number.

The best part?

You don’t even have to ask for it.

How cool is that?

What if you were able to do it?

You should see when a woman does it to a guy. The guys all around him take notice.

They know he’s got game, but they can’t figure out what he did.

That’s because THERE IS NO GAME!

That’s right. Remember, I said:

You are who you are rich or poor, and girls orbit around you, just waiting for the opportunity to meet you.

And not just any women, I’m talking hot women. Pretty women. Beautiful women.

Yeah, even rich women. Who don’t even need money.

For instance, I was talking with one of my coaching Clients on Skype. He was at Starbucks...

And I’ll be damned if in the middle of our conversation, a beautiful woman, a 10, walks up to him and
says she thinks he’s cool. Yeah, right out of nowhere.

She gives him her number and mouths “Call me”...

And does one of those signs with her thumb and pinky.

Where the heck did that come from?

You find out how to do the same in Attract Hotter Women.

You see, if you’re reading this now, you’re probably not a natural.

It’s ok. Truth is, when I started out? Neither was I.

I learned the hard way. I learned how all the things you’re supposed to do to attract women were wrong.

Honestly, you don’t have to be a pickup artist today to attract the really hot girls.

After getting the program, you won’t want to be...

You’ll realize how much time you’ve wasted. You’ll realize how “pua skills” have held you back.

Next, I’ll share with you

How to communicate with a hot woman...

You see, most guys given the opportunity, communicate all wrong. They suck the attraction right
out of a potential relationship opportunity.


Well, have you ever had this happen to you? Have you ever had a girl, hot or not, and she talks to you one time and then she never talks to you again?

What the heck happened?

Well, I’ll tell you exactly what happened and how to avoid it completely by communicating

When you do it the right way, you actually
increase the attraction, the passion
best of all, the desire.

You increase the urgency for her to do
something sexual with you, whatever it is.

These are the kinds of things I’ve codified after
coaching hundreds of guys one-on-one, and
now I’m sharing them for the first time in
Attract Hotter Women.

There’s so much more in this program,

You must


it for


You must experience it for yourself what it’s like to attract these dreamgirls everybody else wants...

Now the question I’ve been struggling with, quite frankly, is... what is this course worth?

For guys like Michael, this information has been worth $25K. For guys who have been personally coached by me, information like this has been worth $150K a year.

But there’s NO WAY I’m going to charge those kinds of prices, even though that’s what this information is worth.

So here’s what I did. Crazy as it may seem, I asked my coaching clients.

Frankly, they were elated I had finally committed
these breakthrough attraction strategies and ideas and mindsets into a course.

They were my beta test group. I gave them all
copies for evaluation.

They thought given that this is for the general
market, I should realistically charge $497.

I mean they were right, this information had
changed hundreds of guys lives over the years

Guys like Alex...

Hey Brent, ok, so now I have pretty much internalized your information in Attract Hotter Women. Life’s pretty good. Any time I’m out and about, women respond to me totally differently. The sexual vibe is obvious to them the moment I walk into a room. Not that I’m doing anything dramatically differently, except I know it’s working because they’re approaching me.

- Alex

Devan wrote me and he said…

I had to email you bro. I thank my lucky stars I tripped
over your Attract Hotter Women video last week.
I signed up. So I go to college and yesterday I had biology
class. There’s this girl I’ve been reluctant to approach.
Ok, I admit, I was scared to approach. She was just
so HOT. Too hot.
But I don’t know. Something was
different this morning. I sat next to her and she was
very open to me. This was really unusual because I hadn’t
done everything different. Now I’d chalk this up to a
freak accident. But just now it just happened again.
In less than 4 hours! I feel invincible. I got both their
numbers and texted them and both responded fast.
Amazing. Two hot college girls in one day? That’s pretty
good for a guy who was batting zero

Now please understand, as incredible as Alex and Devan’s experiences were it’s not like Attract Hotter Women is like some magic spell book.

There’s no witchcraft, no magic, no sorcery.

Like I said, no jedi mind games either.

No, my friend, this is all about you and your vibe. Your sexual vibe. How to create it and how to
project it...

And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m going to do one more thing. Actually two.

When you sign up within the next 5 minutes, I’m going to share with you two additional bonus videos.

The first one is called “How to Psych Yourself Up”.

Listen, how would you like to have the best night of your life?

Remember I said this is all about you and how you project yourself naturally?

Well, what this bonus does is in your head, there’s a very specific process and you’re going to find it
really fun. Because all sorts of cool things happen when you do it.

Do it right, and you’ll find girls much more receptive to you. No matter what the venue. A bar.
A nightclub.
A party. You’ll see.

It becomes like a switch you can toggle on and off. All my clients swear by this process and you will too.

The second gift I want you to have as a bonus for fast action is a video I humorously call “Mr. Right”.

No, not that kind of Mr. Right where you both fall in love together and live happily ever after.

No, you’re not that Mr. Right

You’re Mr. Right, like James Bond is Mr. Right

In the moment, before he’s off on his next MI6 adventure. And she implicitly feels the sense of urgency to make something happen… you guessed it… RIGHT NOW. Because you may jet off to some adventure without her.

Now just those two things have changed guys lives as you can imagine.

They escalate the attraction process 100 times. Especially compared to anything else.

And again, all this is NATURAL. All this is YOU. That’s what makes it work. That’s what makes it easy.

That’s why when YOU apply these principles, even just one time, you’ll see major results.

Brent, this is unbelievable!
I was unstoppable tonight!

- Andre

You will be too.

These are my gifts to you when you click the button below right now. So go ahead and do that before time runs out.

So given all this information guys have paid thousands for, I’ve decided to do something very different.

Consider this a test. When you sign up below, you won’t pay $497, or $397, or $297. You won’t
even pay $197, $147 or even $127.

When you sign up below, you get the Attract Hotter Women Course, plus How to Psych Yourself
and Mr. Right for just one payment of $97.

I can’t even believe I’m saying this, because I’ve never done anything like this before.

If this test works, I’m considering building out an entire academy. Maybe call it the Brent Smith Lifestyle Academy.

Please understand, I’m only doing this for a short time. Seriously.

It’s just a test because I want to see if my message appeals to guys who aren’t driving Lambos or Ferraris yet.

There’s only a few slots left. So hurry.

Grab your course now.

I most likely will be pulling down this website tonight and analyzing the results. Don’t know when it’ll be back online. It all depends on the results.

If my message resonates with a lot of guys, then fine, I’ll keep it up.

I’m only doing this because I detect substantial dissatisfaction with the stuff that’s out there and I wanted to share something that works. That really works.

And speaking of satisfaction, I want you to know your results are 100% guaranteed

Here’s what that means: go ahead and get Attract Hotter Women, plus the bonuses.

Apply its concepts and principles and the next time you go out, see what happens. Just notice if you see anything different. I even give you quick start videos so you can really start now.

And here’s my guarantee:

Go out, just one time and see what happens. Notice the responses you get from girls. Especially the 10s in the room.

Notice how they react to your presence. Notice how they respond to you.

Now I’m not saying they will all pile on you. BUT they will be attracted to you. They’ll smile at you more. You’ll notice them hovering. You’ll notice how they instantly respond to a gesture and want to engage you.

Trust me


will be



That is if you want to be chased by multiple girls throughout the night.

Again, it will not depend upon how much money you’ve got in your pocket. It’s all about you - and how attractive you’ve become.

I guarantee by end of the night if your cell phone doesn’t have at least 5 numbers GIVEN to you by hot girls? Just hit me up for a refund.

I’m good for it. ClickBank, the #1 ecommerce platform on the Internet, they’re good for it, too.

Not only that, I’ll give you 60 days, 60 nights to decide. That’s two solid months to put my course
to the test.

That’s how certain I am of your success. So go ahead and click the button below now.

And after that first night, you will be certain, too.

Imagine, in just two months, you could be living an entirely different life. No gimmicks. No fakery required.

You will have done the seemingly impossible and catapulted your success into the levels of the best gamers and pickup artists. But instead, You will have done this NATURALLY.

You WILL BE yourself. 1000%.

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? To know that you’re dealing with girls, with the world at large.

By being THE REAL YOU?

I’ll tell you girls will love it. They’ll love you.

Because think about it. What are they dealing with every day?

I’ll tell you. Posers. Guys pretending to be something they’re not.

And I’ll tell you something else. The higher up in society you go? The more posers there are. Why? Because those guys have got it all wrong.

They think they have to trick girls. Tons of bravado and BS.

You don’t need any of that. In fact, at that level of society, if you do that stuff? It’ll backfire.


As you can appreciate by now, this course really IS worth thousands. I know I’m practically giving it away, but I hope my intentions are clear...

I want to see you successful with the hotter girls.
The models. The cheerleaders. The local celebrities.

(Even the strippers and porn stars, if you’re into that.)

You want those kinds of results, so go ahead and click the button now.

For a moment, I want you to close your eyes,
and imagine...

Imagine holding in your hands two heavy suitcases. In one of these suitcases contains everything
you’ve ever learned about pickup. In the other, everything you ever learned about pursuing girls.

You cross a bridge over a slow running river. And you lift the suitcases, one by one, over the railing
and drop them into the river.

You hear the splash, knowing you’ll never have to use that information, the information that didn’t work anyway, again.

You’re now free to apply the simple principles I show you in Attract Hotter Women.

No matter where you are women respond positively. Sometimes in simple ways like instantaneously
smiling when you enter a room. Sometimes you see them unconsciously doing things to draw attention to themselves when you’re around. Flick their hair. Re-adjust their skirt.

THEY nonchalantly chat you up usually, first. Not the other way around. Sometimes, they slip you their number discreetly. (They don’t want to seem too forward.)

Using the principles I teach you, you remember to restrain yourself. You don’t want to fall back into bad habits.

You know by now, that the hotter girls, are just like their counterparts, except they have a keener
appreciation for a guy like you. And they show it

They want your touch. They want your attention.
They want YOU to respond.

This time, you have a choice. Actually multiple choices. Which girl are YOU most interested in?

So you do the natural thing and accept their invitation. You get their number and they say “call me, ok?”.

Other guys in the vicinity notice your vibe with all the beauty around you. They’re clearly jealous. Clearly envious. They don’t know your secret.

They’re striking out. They’re miserable. They look resigned and defeated holding their drinks in their hands.

Unlike your experience, the hot girls do their best to avoid them.

This night is not an uncommon one. Everytime you go out, women notice you and start to unconsciously orbit around you. They willingly LAVISH their attention on you.

And you know what? For the first time in your life?

It feels good. It feels REALLY good.

You feel good. You feel like your old self.

It feels good to be a man, doesn’t it?
It feels good to have hot women,
beautiful women want you, agreed?

Listen, it’s my pleasure to offer this course to you. But you have to act now assuming you want those kinds of experiences I just described.

Don’t wait. I’m serious about pulling it down later. I’m serious about filling the last few slots.

I’m just trying to figure out if guys appreciate not needing to "game" women anymore, not having to put on airs, not having to trip over themselves remembering all those Jedi mind tricks that don’t work anyway..

If you’re reading this far, go ahead and let me put the course into your hands, ok?

Just click the button below.

It’s guaranteed to work. To produce the kinds of results I’ve described.

So click the button below now, before it’s too late. Before I end the test.

Now, what’ll happen if you don’t get the program?

You probably already know what’ll happen.

You’ll revert back to old familiar ways because you don’t know what else to try.

But you know what’s worse? You end up settling.

You’ll forever miss out on one of life’s greatest accomplishments.
Being able to confidently as the man you already are,
approach any woman, anytime, anywhere. No matter how hot she is.

You *know* what you want, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page.

So let me give you one more idea, taken directly from my program.

What you want, also wants you. Do you get that? Do you really get that?

You just need to let go of the baggage you have, unlearn some of the things that have screwed with your mindset over the years and just do what comes naturally.

You can do it, of this I’m certain.

You want hotter girls, hotter women. And they also want you. Trust me on that, ok?

They’re out there. You know that. You just need to know what I know. What the guys I’ve coached over the years know.

Just click the button and let’s get you started.

When you do, you’ll be given access to an exclusive membership area. There, you’ll find...
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So just click the button below. I can’t wait for an email from you talking about your success.

One like this:

Brent, I’ve bought a lot of PUA programs. I mean a lot. But yours
is the only one that’s worked. Girls used to avoid me. Now they
don’t. Not only that, I have found hotter girls are actually pretty
easy to communicate with. Especially when they’re approaching
you and have already shown they’re interested. I owe that to
you and your program.
I hope someday I can be one of your
coaching clients. That’s my next goal. Thanks.

That was from Dexter.

You deserve his success and more, don’t you? Clicking the button below makes it all happen. It’s guaranteed. It either happens or you don’t owe a cent.

Right now, as you watch this video hundreds of other guys are watching too.

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You can do that. You have 60 days to decide. Obviously, I’m anticipating you’ll be ecstatic.

But there’s not much time left.

Either I’ll fill the few remaining 5 seats or
I’ll take it down and figure out next steps...

Either way, you could be the loser if you don’t take action now.

Listen, I’ll share with you one more idea.

Sometimes, with women, you’ve got to get out of your head and just follow your emotions, to do what you want.

I know you have internal critics and doubts and fears. It’s time, isn’t it, to put them all behind you?

The answer is “yes.” Let me help you. Let my course help you.

Let me help you like I've helped thousands of other guys
around the world overcome the biggest obstacle in their life...

Attracting hotter women.

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Still there? Ok, you must have some questions.

Let’s see if I can help clarify.

“Are rich guys really that shy? Like do they really struggle
with women like regular guys?”

You’d be surprised. Obviously, I can’t breach confidentialities. But everything I said about
rich guys struggling just like regular guys is true.

“Who is this course for specifically?”

Well, I created it for all guys who aren’t millionaires yet. But really any heterosexual guy
can get tremendous value from it.

So if you’re a guy who likes girls, go ahead and click the button below now. If you’re gay, it won’t do a darn thing for you.

“Do I have to wear anything goofy or different
to call attention to myself?”

No. Not at all. Again, those tricks don’t work any way.

Listen, go through this course just one time and you’ll see. All the stuff you’ve been
hypnotized into thinking works? It just doesn’t work any more.

Word’s gotten out, like a crazy cat video with 30 million views on Facebook.

That’s why you should click the button below now.

“I am terribly shy. My psychologist says I have
social anxiety disorder. Will this work for me?”

Oh my goodness, YES you’re the guy I developed this course for.

You should see some of my clients when they first come to me. Rich as anything.

But socially awkward. I’ve coached some real 40-year old virgins. Getting those guys on the right
path has been some of my proudest moments.

It can be one of your proudest moments, too when you click the button below now.

“Is your course just another variation
of being cocky and funny?”


However, that said, if you’re already cocky and funny and that’s your personal vibe, I’m coaching you to own it.

Have you ever seen a guy who is not cocky and funny, but tries to be?

All I can say is ‘yikes’.

This is just bad coaching by pick up artists again. There’s so much you have to unlearn.

Listen, if you’re watching this video, just click the button below now. You know you want it.
Get out of your head for a moment and stop analyzing.

Please, just click the button below and you’ll see. And then you’ll know. This was the greatest decision of your life.

“Will this course teach me how to get laid?”

Do I cover how to get laid in Attract Hotter Women? No.

That’s not to say... you won't get kissed, get laid like a rockstar, or even get married.

You may, you probably will, but I’m not covering it in this program.

This program is about those beginning stages of attraction. The very first eye contact.

How to get women, especially hot women, to approach you... how to get her number... how to make it easy to maintain that sexual spark all the way through the first date and beyond.

Let’s face it. Those first moments are the hardest part, aren’t they? Especially with the hotter

Let’s get them handled once and for all, ok? Whether they approach you or you approach them,
I have you covered.

I can guarantee when you follow the course, you’ll never have to deal with the embarrassment and
rejection and the reluctance to go after what you want again.

Because there will be no need to. It’ll be as effortless as breathing.

In and out. In and out. If you know what I mean.

So go ahead and click the button below.

“Will I need to chase girls? Will I need to pursue them,
you know, like they want me to?”

Ok, let’s make this clear.

Girls, hot girls, will approach you. You’ll learn how to NATURALLY make that happen.

It won’t take long at all. Just follow the Course, and test out my ideas. Experiment with what’s comfortable.

I think you’ll discover a new way of living your life. On your terms. According to your expectations.

“Will I need to spend any money on girls to get them
to like me?
The rich guys have money. I don’t.”

No. Absolutely not. And only if you want. But you definitely don’t have to. You definitely shouldn’t feel the need to.

Listen, I know this sounds strange, girls will be buying you drinks. They’ll be buying you stuff. Gifts. All kinds of things.

Trust me, it’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen.

“I’m in college. Women are always on guard for guys
slipping them roofies, pickup artists and criminals. How do I
get past their defenses?”

You get past their defenses by managing the vibe that naturally projects from yourself.

In some situations, you amplify it. Others, you tone it down.

No matter, you project yourself in such as way as to attract the women you want.

Here’s what happens. There’s always something in you that sparks their attention.

Makes them, you know, think sexual type thoughts.

They take notice of you. They’ll interrupt whatever you’re doing and make some innocent comment. Then you respond, and I tell you exactly how to do that in the course. In a way that totally amplifies your vibe and personality.

Next thing you know? You’re sharing an intimate moment.

That’s what happens when you know what to do, so click the button below and let’s get you having intimate experiences like those.

So if you want the same results as my insanely rich clients...

if you want to finally quit experiencing failure, rejection, embarrassment, shame...

if you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to have a hot woman approach you...

This is your last chance to grab Attract Hotter Women.

This is the last time I’ll say this. Go ahead and click the button below now.

You deserve this.

Not just my rich clients, but you. No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from.

You deserve to have girls approaching you for WHO YOU ARE. Get it? I hope so.

Otherwise, I can’t think of any other way, any other thing that can help like this can.

This course has the power to change your life dramatically. In all sorts of unanticipated ways.

I mean I’d love to be reading your mind the first time you stroll into a nice restaurant with a hot woman on your arm.

Heads will turn. People, especially women, will take notice.

Attract Hotter Women is your roadmap, your blueprint,
all those cliches and metaphors for saying it’s the total
package for attracting the beautiful women you really want around.

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